Employer reviews on the internet

Online reviews of employees about companies are becoming increasingly important. According to Bitkom expert Julian Petrich, companies should provide employer reviews on portals such as Kununu seriously. A representative Bitkom survey shows that 37% of 1009 people, of whom 829 are Internet users, have read reviews of employers at least once online. In 2015 it was only 29%. Particularly employed Internet users with 45% and 14-29 year olds with 52% are interested in the opinions of other employees about a company.

Correspondingly, 84% of the willing respondents indicated that they had been influenced by the company’s Internet rating once before in their decision for or against. Of these, 46% opted for the respective employer, 54% against it. Juliane Petrich says: “For many professionals, online reviews are the first business card of an employer.”

The number of authors is also increasing: every fourth internet user surveyed has already submitted a rating online for his employer online. Particularly active here are the 30- to 49-year-olds, where the rate is 32%. For the companies that recruit suitable employees, the evaluation portals offer the opportunity to better understand and assess the expectations of the employees in the company. Furthermore, companies could react to criticism from their employees, which in turn has an impact on the image of their company and their valuations.

In addition, in our practice as HR consultancy in the digital business, we determine just how important the proper approach of candidates is. The recruitment consultant should be knowledgeable in the topics of the relevant digital workspace and be able to ask coherent questions, otherwise the candidate will associate the negative experience with the underlying employer brand.