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The modern heads also advises financial service providers as an executive search company for digital business. It’s important for every branch to optimize the customer experience and to pick up customers at all touch points.

Migros launches a new “social shopping” platform: AMIGOS for the people

There are people who would be glad if somebody would bring them the Migros shopping home because they have little time or are restricted in their movement. And there are people who would like to serve others and earn pocket money in the truest sense of the word. AMIGOS will bring these people together from the 23rd of April.

The new “Social Shopping” platform from Migros works really easy. The customer enters his shopping list online with just a few clicks. For those who have previously registered on AMIGOS and are close to the customer, a push message appears on the AMIGOS app. The Bringer, who has just time and / or desire, can take over the purchase request. He makes the purchases and brings them personally to the customer. Both sides benefit.

The bringer accepts the order via app and delivers the purchases to the customer’s home.

AMIGOS offers advantages for the orderer and the bringer: The orderer saves time and effort for the purchases and receives them personally delivered to the front door. A minimum order value does not exist. In return, the Bringer receives a credit for the execution of the order: CHF 7.90 for the first shopping bag and CHF 2.00 for each additional bag. The customer pays the amount to the bringer. All receipts thus flow into the purse’s wallet, Migros does not make a profit. This completes Migros’ online shopping opportunities with a completely new service offering. The focus is not on financial considerations, but on the desire to bring Migros customers closer to each other.

Migros belongs to the people.

Another example of how close Migros is to your customers with the introduction of AMIGOS, Migros is once again showing that it belongs to people. This is the spirit of Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, who has always been committed to the quality of life of his customers in an innovative way. For him, the common good was as important as the business success. So AMIGOS lives from the social thought that people are there for each other and can support each other. “With this service, we combine today’s shopping needs of a digital society with the personal contact between two people,” says Migros boss Fabrice Zumbrunnen. AMIGOS is a Swiss premiere and will be tested in the cantons of Bern and Zurich from April 2018 on. If you want to become a bringer at AMIGOS, you can download the AMIGOS app from Friday, April 6, 2018 (available in the Play Store and Apple Store) and register there with the Migros Login. From Monday, April 23, 2018, customers can enter their purchases at