An app for the deaf: chabla

To be honest, we know that not all app and digital applications are really useful and important. Anyone who has ever watched his children watch Youtube movies for hours, instead of reading a book, making music or experiencing real adventures outdoors, knows what I’m talking about. But sometimes there are apps you are glad that the internet exists. One of them is chabla:

Developed by Marko Vuoriheimo in Finland. He had hearing damage from birth and communicated with the sign language. However, nobody understood that in the listening world and whenever he wanted to communicate with “normal” people, he needed an interpreter, e.g. to take out insurance. There was no chance to make a phonecall. And just imagine, you stay on a lonely Finnish highway with the car and need to get help with the phone …

With chabla you simply switch on an interpreter by image function and suddenly every deaf person can communicate with the hearing world – always and everywhere! This is a real innovation for deaf and their families and makes their lives so much easier. We keep our fingers crossed for Marko and chabla for a successful future.