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Unlike popular opinion, the benefits of outsourcing your IT are far beyond the financial benefits. An external IT team has more to offer that would be otherwise impossible without a stellar support system. Most business owners will tell you they enjoy the peace of mind and the ability to eliminate problems that drag them behind. Working with a single provider is an added benefit because they get to learn your business and find solutions that align with your long-term goals, such as the Isilon network storage platform.

What is Isilon?

Isilon is a storage platform with complex infrastructure to speed up data access and improve data organization. Businesses with massive data files like videos, pictures, and large media files will be particularly beneficial because Isilon puts everything together to give your networking power over you. Additionally, it is best to start with a small amount of data and then upgrade it to a more significant volume as your data grows.

Reasons to outsource your IT networking project


Top-performing businesses need a lot of room to manage their operations and improve their overall performance. Outsourcing us to install and operate Isilon means improving the network’s access points, upgrading necessary servers, and ensuring proper security features to safeguard against malware. We give you access to the latest solutions and allow your business a new efficiency level to breathe new life into your potential.

For example, you may need an immediate new plan to include videos and podcasts in your online platform but do not have the right team to create a feasible plan. GPL Technologies helps you deploy in minutes, whereas an experienced technician will need a couple of days or weeks to restructure the entire network system.

Managed IT services are almost always better because you have the guarantee of better services. You do not have to deal with recruiting, training, and retaining employees who can handle your Isilon system. We increase the fundamentals of your IT business and allow you the peace of mind that increases your ROI in the long run.

Cut expenses

Small businesses have a better financial plan when they can outsource their business. You will enjoy more resources and a dedicated team at less than half the amount you spend to hire an Isilon expert. We want to help you slash down all costs and keep your headcount to a minimum, so you can generate the maximum amount of ROI possible and focus on the core processes of your business.

Comply with regulations

Hiring an experienced Isolon handler means you do not have to do all the heavy lifting to monitor and manage different resources. We can help you speed the process because we get our resources from reliable vendors and compute an IT infrastructure with the correct accreditations and certificates.

We know that your network structure is the source of your long-term business success and want to put together a plan that optimizes all functions to their best form. Contact us online to learn more about our solutions and call our office at 310.458.6484 Los Angeles/ 917.551.5955 New York/ 604.260.4588 Vancouver for immediate feedback.


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